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name: John Sewell

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Thank you for providing such an informative site. I will be moving to Tokyo in 6 weeks and am very eager to learn about Japan. Your web-site has been very helpful. Also, if you know of any place my friend can get a job teaching English, please let me know as he will be travelling with me.
Thank you
name: richard susilo

comments & opinions:
This homepage is very good. Congratulations.
We (gaikokujin) could also feels various activities done by young people in japan.omedetougozaimasu.
name: andrew ward

comments & opinions:
I love the page and I think it's a great idea. I'm looking forward to seeing more info on this page. I will definitely visit a lot in the future. One complaint though is that the gray text is very hard to read against the "paper" background..perhaps using a lighter background would help because i think the gray text is perfect, it is just hard to read on some pages.
name: Nakai-chan II

comments & opinions:
This is a really interesting page.It was fun reading it and looking around.And thanks for visiting my page.I'll be back~~*
name: Masaki Okada

comments & opinions:
I am happy that I have finally found such a web site, which reflects the "thoughts and feelings" of Japanese people. Though you state in the introduction of the site that "there is a great deal of information on Japan" I cannot agree on this understanding. The reality is that most www sites are made by foreigners, companies or other official institutions. The individual Japanese, without only a few exceptions so far as I know, do not express their "thoughts and feelings" in languages other than Japanese on the net.

I don't intend to advertize my site, however my www site "Tokyo Urban Life" is intended to express candid opinions, feelings, thoughts of ordinary Japanese "salaryman" like me. I hope that your site will develop to be a place where serious young people express their thinking on every aspect of the present Japanese society so that it would contribute to the promotion of understanding by foreigners about ourselves. I will therefore keep watching how it develops. Ganbatte-ne!
name: Dan Bloom

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Hello Setsuko, This is a great homepage! Do you have email address where I can write to you privately? I am in Taiwan and want to ask you some questions. I used to live in Tokyo...1991-96. Loved it! -- DANIEL BLOOM
name: Koichi Shimizu

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I read survival information. I think this information is useful for foreigners. I think if this information is for foreigners who cannot read Japanese, then Japanese pronunsiation "Yokusitu", forexample, is not useless. If you write "浴室", then foreigners concider these Japanese characters mean "bath room". Anyway I found these informations you made are useful and interesting. 
name: Rumi Yamashita

comments & opinions:
There were many things that I learned from this homepage. I haven't used much of internet, but now that I know how much information I could find in an instance compared to looking them up in books, I would like to get more used to the system.
name: Stefan Klindwort

comments & opinions:
I just visited your WebSite and i think it is very interesting. I try the little test and i've just finished the part of Nanakusa. I'm an exchange student at Tokyo Gakugei Daigaku Fuzoku Koko.
name: Yoshiyuki Yashiro

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There is the Shimonita city which is famous for Konnyaku in my hometown in Gunma, so if I have a chance, I want to visit and try to make Konnyaku some day.
name: Sayaka Okui

comments & opinions:
I was very surprised to know Konnyaku-potato,because I could not imagin how Konnyaku-potato make into Konnyaku . I also wonder why Konnyaku-potato become deliciously, but Hana 's picture tells me the reasons. It was very interesting.
name: Yumiko Shoji

comments & opinions:
I watched your cite. I have an interesting experience. Few years ago,I was interested in nanakusagayu, and I asked my mother to make nanakusagayu on 7th in January. My mother didn't want to make it because it is troublesome and my father want to eat more. But I asked hard. Then she made it only for me. The dinner of the night on the day, my family ate Sukiyaki except me. I was glad to have eaten the nanakusagayu, but I was more sad not to be able to have a delicious Sukiyaki. I like your cite.
name: Kumiko and Yumiko

comments & opinions:
It was pretty interesting but it is confusing to have Japanese ward in English paragraphs.
name: Takeo Kamei

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