Ever since we were young children, there have always been certain behaviors that were prohibited. Our mother and our friends would say You must not .
Some of these prohibited behaviors are the result of Superstition which has been handed down from parents to children over many generations.
Did you know that You must not cut your nails at night? This is a superstition that I grew up with, but I never understood why it was considered to be a bad thing to do. Of course, this is true of many of the old superstitions. They are so old that most of us no longer know the reasons why. So in this article, we will present some old Japanese superstitions, and we will try to understand how these superstitions came to be. We will also discuss some of the more recent superstitions that are now popular with junior high school and high school students. And finally, we invite you to think about superstition in your own life. And we hope you will tell us about those that you think are especially interesting.