In writing about Birdman competiton there are many special terms, which is hard to explain in plain English and Japanese. We make much effort to explain them in easy words.
We do hope that you will be interested in Birdman Competition and realize there are many people who support the competition in many ways. Thank you.

We learned it's very difficult to convey.

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Yoshitaka Igarashi   Masaya Kita   Takashi Kitsuwa    Hijiri Nakagaki   Yousuke Yamamoto
Department of Mechanical Engineering
College of Industrial Technology
Nihon University

Warwick Francis

Warwick Francis works with Setsuko at Nihon University's College of Industrial Technology . He is also a consultant to the Mitsui group and owns and operates Kiwi College, an English conversation school in Tamagawagakuen, Yokohama.
In Japan he just works, but in his native New Zealand he likes to fly planes and go nude surfing with willing women.