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Now, let's focus our attention on ume as a plant, not as a food.

@Botanical Information@

Scientific name :
Prunus mume.Sieb.etZucc.

English name :
Japanese apricot

Member of the rose family

We can probably assume that ume does not grow in Europe or North America, by looking at its name : "Japanese apricot".

@The Ume Flower@

In Japan, when we think of flowers, we usually think of cherry blossoms. However, the plum blossom (flower of ume or Japanese apricot) that blooms in early Spring, before the cherry blossom, is also loved. We often say "The plum flowers are blooming already? But the cherry trees haven't yet?"

Plum trees are often planted in people's gardens as decorative plants, whereas cherry trees are usually planted only in public places, such as parks or school grounds. Therefore, I think the plum blossom seems closer to home than the cherry blossom.

The flowers are snow white, crimson and light red and give off a distinctive fragrance.

Kairakuen park in Mito city, Tsukigase plum orchard in Nara, Atami plum orchard in Shizuoka and others are famous for plum blossoms.


Kairakuen park in Mito city (English)

Mayumi Anpo
Chinese Department
Kanda University of International Studies