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Born in Koishikawa, Tokyo, received a bachelor's degree in English literature from Tsuda College and a master's degree in the teaching of English as a second language from Columbia University. She lectures in English-language studies and Multicultural education at Aoyama Gakuin University and Nihon University and Tokyo Metropolitan University. Specializes in self-generated task-based, project-oriented teaching. Her innovative teaching style is informed by five years' working for IBM , five years living abroad and twenty years' traveling experience organizing and guiding tours to more than 100 different countries around the world.
  She travels, lectures and write essays on travel. Her favorite types of trip include trekking, cruising, deserts, ancient ruins, and the extreme climates. President of SHE --Setsuko Heroic Explorers--, she is a member of the Japan Travel Writers' Organization, and the English and American Culture Association.
  She has published many bilingual booklets introducing Japan, new and old, in conjunction with the students in her English classes. Some of the information presented here is taken from those books. If the browser should have additional information, corrections, or advice concerning this page, she and her students would appreciate hearing it.
Please email Setsuko Watanabe at ハ

I would like to thank Professor Dr. John F. Fanselow of Columbia University Graduate School, Professor Yutaka Yamauchi of Gakugeidai Senior Highschool, Michael Brase, Executive Editor of Kodansha International and Daigo Misaki,graduate student of Tokyo Metropolitan University who have encouraged and stimulated me in many ways in this project.

Setsuko Watanabe
Bilingual Booklets are:

1993/3 How to Live in Bunkyo ed.
1995/3 A Guide to Japanese Favorite Haunts ed.
1995/3 Exploring Ichikawa ed.
1995/3 Now to live in Makuhari ed.
1995/3 A Dressmaker's Glossary ed.
1995/3 Stone Soup ed.
1996/4 Stone Soup revised ed. Kodansha International
1996/3 Things My Japanese Grandmother Knew ed.
1996/3 A Japanese Dressmaker's Glossary ed.
1996/3 Let's Enjoy Living in Japan ed.
1996/3 Exploring Ichikawa 2 ed.
1997/3 Our Home, Our Town ed.
1997/3 This Land is Our Land ed.
1997/3 Color ed.