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The Seishun 18 ticket allows you to take all JR line trains of J Japan as often as you like. There are no age restrictions and they can be used by anyone.  

However, there are some restrictions.

You can use the tickets only for
*local train(futsuura), limited express train(kaisoku), overnight train(yakou)
*cannot use for: express train(kyuukou), special express train(tokkyuu), Shinkansen(bullet train)

The main mode of transportation available to you with this ticket is the local trains, which stop at every station. So it can take a lot of time to get to your final destination. For example from Tokyo to Osaka by Shinkansen takes about 3 hours (13,700Yen) but using this ticket on a local train (2,300yen) takes about 10 hours.
Most of the local trains are daytime trains, but there are some limited express overnight trains (yakoukisoku). It is a very good idea to use these overnight night trains for long distance journeys,

Price: 11,500yen (one set of five tickets)
One ticket is only 2,300 Yen and with this ticket you can ride all the local and limited express trains for 24 hours. So with one set of five tickets you can ride any of these trains for 5 days for only 11,500 yen.
Compared with the normal price, this is much cheaper.
For example, the normal ticket price from Tokyo to Hakata (1,175km, 20hours) is 13,440Yen.
If you use the Seishun 18 ticket you can get to Hakata for only 2,300 yen and en route, you will see lots of different scenery, you will have interesting experiences and you might make good friends.

It is a seasonal ticket sold for school vacations
Spring: sale period: Feb.20th-Mar.31th
Valid for: Mar.1st-Apr.10th
Summer: sale period: Jul.20th-Agu.31th
Valid for Jul.20th-Sep.10th
Winter: sale period: Dec.1st-Jan.20th
Valid for: Dec.20th-Jan.20th

How to purchase
These tickets can be purchased at the main station of the JR line and at every travel agency in Japan.

Other limits
'One day' is counted from 0 a.m. to midnight of next day.
It is possible to share them with your friends.
For example, five people can use a set of Seishun 18 kippu for a day, or two people can use two sets for 5 days.
The ticket sets cannot be separated, so you always have to use the same train as your friend when sharing.
If you use even only one ticket, the remainder of the set is not refundable.