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3)Selling beer in a baseball stadium (Yukari Kita)
In Japan baseball is a very popular sport. Children dream of participating in little league and then going on to become a professional baseball player in the future. Many adults play amateur baseball after work or on holidays.

Baseball and Oyaji
It is Oyaji who love professional baseball in Japan the most. (Young women in Japan use the term 'Oyaji' to describe men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.) They watch baseball on TV, drink beer and eat green soybeans. For Oyaji, the baseball-beer connection is impossible to cut off.

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<< So beer is very popular >>
In the city in which I live, we have the Chiba Marine Stadium, the home of the Lotte Marines. My part-time job is to peddle beer in the stadium during games. Beer is sold at the stadium at double the standard price. Even at this price, with a stadium full of Oyaji, the beer is sold one after another. Since you can make 90yen every time one bottle is sold, the more you sell the more you make.

<< How to sell >>
While there is no manual for part-time workers to teach us how to sell beer, there are three basic points which every part-time worker quickly learns.
1.The smiling face
Because most of the visitors are Oyaji and most of the part-time workers are young women, it is important to always have a pretty smiling face.

2.Keep one hand up in the air while you are selling
When you keep one hand up in the air while you are selling, it makes it easy for the customers to see you. And when the customer sees you, he will raise his hand to get your attention when he wants to buy.

3.Know the right places
If you are in an outdoor stadium, some sites are better than others. For example, during day games, the best places are those get lots of sun and are far away from the kiosk.

Does this give you a good idea about my part-time job?

I am now a sophomore in college. Part-time jobs provide me with a variety of work experiences and enable me to meet many different people.

A part-time job is not only a means to earn money. It also provides precious and practical on-the-job training for living in the world and society.