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There are many kinds of part-time jobs in Japan. We can choose our part-time job according to our condition.

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Department of Chinese
Kanda University of International Studies

Mayumi Kumagaya
Tomoko Taguch
Yukari Kita

visiting consultant

Ken Shellberg

Ken Shellberg is an administrator at The Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio. For fun, he tends a very large garden and occasionally takes on the role of visiting consultant for Japan Thru Young Eyes.

This web page on part-time jobs for students was fun to edit. Each of these three part-time jobs is very different from the others. And yet, these three jobs are very similar to the kinds of jobs that American university students have. Like all the pages here on Japan Thru Young Eyes, I think this feature does a nice job of allowing those of us who live outside of Japan to see some of the similarities and differences between our cultures.

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