Hungary and Budapest Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Hungary(93,030square kms) is _____Japan.

a. two times bigger than

b. one half the size of

c. a fifth of

2. The population of Budapest is

a. about 1 0 million

b. over 2 million

c. over 5 million

3. Budapest is called ______

a. the Paris of Hungarian Plain

b. the Pearl of the Danube

c. the Queen of the Rhine

4. Gypsies are considered to be from ______

a.Northern Africa

b. South America

c. Northern Asia

5. Hungarian Rhapsodies were composed by:

a. Beethoven

b Schubert

c. Liszt

6. _____collected and recorded old Hungarian folk melodies and integrated them into their own music.

a. Bartok and List

b Brahms and Kodaly

c. Bartok and Kodaly

7. Official language of Hungary is

a. Russian

b. Hungarian

c. Polish

8. Currency of Hungary is.

a. Sterling

b. Forint

c. Zloty

9. The biggest fresh-water lake in Europe isÅQÅQÅQin Hungary.

a. Lake Como

b. Lake Balaton

c. Lake Teanau

10. The River Danube empties into:

a. Pacific Ocean

b. North Sea

c. Black Sea