Quiz From Japan Thru Young Eyes

My Household Expense Book

You can come back from the bottom of the menu on the left frame of Japan Thru Young Eyes Japanese page. You may use the calculator and the currency exchange table on the web.

1.What amount of money do her parents send to her a year?

2.It may not be possible to get jobs to earn 5oooo yens every month. Assuming that April, May and June are typical three months in a year, what amount of money can she earn a month in average?

3.How much money can she expect to get by her jobs in a year?

4.She cannot depend on temporary income. What is the sum of money from her parents and money by her jobs?

5.What are the average monthly expenses excluding housing expenses.

6.How much does she expect to spend a year excluding housing expenses?

7.What are monthly housing expenses?

8.What do the yearly housing expenses amount to?

9.What are the total yearly expenses?

10. She saves the money left over. How much can she save in a year?

11. Click on the Currency Exchange Table and tell how much money she can save in a year

12. Write your own account book in English for a next month.

Copyright 2000 Setsuko Watanabe