Inner Mongolia 

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Pre-reading Questions
1. Which country does Inner Mongolia belong to?
2. Who is the founder of 13thcentury Mongolia?


forget-me-not 学名はmyosotis scorpioides L.勿忘草in Chinese、nem’oublies-pa in French and ‘Vergissmeinnicht’ in German
The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 内蒙古自治区
Hohhot呼 和浩特
Sirinhot 錫林浩特
Chinese herb medicine 漢方薬
morinhore 馬頭琴. 蒙古の胡弓、アラビアのラーバーブに源を持つ。上部に馬頭の飾りを彫り、全長約120cmの梯形の胴に馬皮を張り、長い柄を付け、2弦を張り、馬尾の弓で奏す。

Part1.True or False
1.Inner Mongolia is in Russia
2The climate is mild there because it is close to the sea.
3Inner Mongolia is an independent nation.
4In Mongolian language forget-me-not means ‘do not forget me’
5Herbs of the grassland are used to make Chinese perfume.

Part 2. Multiple choice
1.The capital of Inner Mongolia Automonus Region is
a. Huhhot b. Beijing c. Uranbator
2.Inner Mongolia covers -----------of China.
a. one tenth b. a quarter c . one eighth

3.Hohhot means----- in Mongolian language
a. a city in the grassland b. blue city c. green city

4.above sea level means
a. longitute b. altitute c latiude
5. morinhore is
a. a stringed instrument b. a woodwind instrument
c. a percussion instrument

Part 3 Special Focus Learn the names of the flowers:
Match the following:
1. chinese bellflower
2. touch-me-not
3. broom
4. lily of the valley
5. evening primrose
6. water lily
7. lily
8. buttercup
9 morning glory
10. rape
a. tsukimisou
b. asgao
c. yuri
d. kinpouge
e. kikyou
f. housenka
g. suzuran
h enishida
i nanohana
j suiren

part 4. Trivia Quiz. Test your knowledge!

1.The Capital of Republic of Mongolia is
a. Hohhot c. Uranbator d. Beijing
2. The longest river in China(5530km) is
a. Hwang Ho b. Yangze c.Mekong
3 The capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is
a. Hohhot c. Uranbator d. Beijing
4.----- united Mongols in 1206.
a.Genghis Khan b. Kublai Khan c.Ghazan
5-------of Venice traveled across Asia to China
from 1275-1292, he works for Mongol ruler---------

a. Columbus b Marco Polo c. Michelangelo d.Genghis Khan
e. Kublai Khan

Pre-reading Questions
1.Republic of China 2.Genghis Khan

Part1 1f. 2f, 3f, 4f, 5f
Part2 1c, 2c, 3b, 4b, 5a
Part3 1e, 2f, 3h, 4g, 5a, 6j, 7c, 8d. 9b, 10i
Part 4 1c, 2b, 3a, 4a, 5be

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