Quiz from Setsuko Watanabe's Travel Sketches

The Mysterious Town of Volterra and Evening Shadow

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1. Where is Volterra?
a. near Florence b. near Rome c. near Venice

2. What is Evening Shadow?
a. an oil painting b. a white marble statue c. a thin, bronze statue

3. When was the original ancient fortress of Volterra built?
a. 1,000 years ago b. 2,500 years ago c. 300 years ago

4. Who built the fortress town?
a. the Romans b. the Etruscans c. the Greeks

5. The fortress town is 535 meters above sea level.
Why is the town built on the high hill?

a. to have a nice view of Tuscany vineyards
b. to avoid flood of the river
c. to avoid a sudden enemy attack

6.The Etruscans believed in the afterworld rather than reality and made elaborate
coffins for the dead made of local
a. olive trees b. alabaster c. sand stones

7. The Etruscans were conquered by the_____ in the first century
a. Egyptians b. Romans c. Persians

8. The Etruscan town was completely destroyed, because the conquerors
a. did not like the ugly town b. were jealous of the very artistic Etruscan culture
c. wanted to make the olive field there.

9. The town is called< Mysterious Volterra>, because
a. the town is always foggy and looks mysterious.
b. because he old culture and building had been completely destroyed and we knew
nothing of the old history of the town.
c. the Volterra people always have mysterious smile.

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