The recipe of the Week


Every week, we present some of the recipes from Stone Soup, a book of 160 recipes edited by Setsuko Watanabe. The book is the perfect present for your friends overseas and can help you learn cooking and English at the same time.
The book is now available at better bookstores or we can send one to you. Contact:

ISBN4-7700-2061-9 c2077

published by Kodansha International, Ltd.

Charming, practical and bilingual, STONE SOUP presents 160 recipes that Japanese people really uses at home.
Here is the food you wonユt find in restaurants, from peanut Miso to Tofu Dumplings and Sweetfish -everything is so logical and brief it's easy to follow. Recipes give preparation time and calories, and Line drawing and helpful tips make things that much simpler.
STONE SOUP is completely bilingual. With each ingredient and instruction fully translated, it's a perfect tool for learning new vocabulary in either English or Japanese. For first-time chefs and seasoned cooks alike, STONE SOUP is a deliciously satisfying treat.

 The Recipe of the Week