Choose the correct answer.

1.Fraser Island's Aboriginal name 'k' Gari' appropriately means ______.

a) paradise

b) Heaven

c) Beauty

2. European history credits Fraser's discovery to _______.

a)Captain James Cook

b)Christopher Columbus

c) Vasco da Gama

3.Australia is the world's smallest continent but QQQ-largest country.i7,617,930 sq kmj

a) 10th

b) 6th

c) 3rd

4.Australia became independent from QQQQin 1901.

a) the United state of America

b) the United Kingdom

c) Spain

5.There is no QQQQQQon the island.

a) pharmacy or resident doctor

b) restaurant

c) restroom

6.If you choose to self-drive, QQQQQis essential as all roads are sand tracks.

a)a four-wheel drive vehicle

b) water

c) automatic

7.QQQQQ and common sense are essentials to enjoying Fraser Island summers.

a) Sunscreen

b) Band- aid


8.The summer maximum average temperature is only QQdegrees C, the summer months have some extremely hot days.

a) 20

b) 30

c) 40

9.G'Day@means _____In Australian slung.

a) Hello!

b)What's up?

c) See you soon!

10.Travelling north from Brisbane along the Bruce Highway the City is about three and a half hours drive away.

a) Brisbane

b) Sydney

c) Parth


Created by Nobuhiro Terasaki