United Kingdom Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Where is Bath in United Kingdom ?

a) South west

b) South east

c) North east

2. Who build the first shrine at the site of the springs in Bath ?

a) Gelmans

b) Celts

c) Romans

3. The Royal Crescent is an exclusive residential road of _____ houses, laid out in a crescent.

a) 10

b) 20

c) 30

4. What is the Number 1 Royal Crescent?

a) Museum

b) Photograph Gallery

c) House

5. "Crescent"とはどんな形のことか?

a) ひし形

b) 三日月形

c) ジグザグ形

6. 1世紀頃、Bathを支配したのはどこか?

a) Roman Empire

b) British Empire

c) Germany

7. 1度は荒廃したBathを再発見したのはイギリスのどの国王か?

a) Elisabeth T

b) Victoria

c) George V

8. What is Bath's principal industry?

a) tourism

b) commerce

c) machine industry

9. How long has Bath been used as a resort city for the wealthy since _____ ?

a) eight thousands

b) Victorian

c) Georgian

10. The population of Bath is _____.

a) eight thousands

b) eighty thousands

c) eight hundred thousands

Created by Hironori Taguchi