Trivia Challenge:Test your knowledge!

a. French
b. German
c. English

a. salt town
b. gold town
c . iron town

a. “Heidis Lehr- und Wanderjahre”
b. “The Sound of Music”
c. “Lord of the Rings”

a. 獲得
b. 賞金
c. 勝利

a. Cooking salt
b. Pinch of salt
c. Rock salt

a. Man of Salt
b. Woman in Salt
c. Man in Salt

a. 2400 skulls
b. 1200 skulls
c. 800 skulls

b. staked
c . stuck

a. 伸ばす
b. (ロープなどを)張る
c. 広げる

b. larger
c. large

Created by Mai Nakamura

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copyright SHEJAPAN.COM 2007