Trivia Challenge:Test your knowledge!

a. Diamond Head
b. Kilauea
c. Mauna Kea

a. The fire goddess
b. The goddess of death
c . The queen of Hawaii

a. in 1926
b. in 1916
c. in 1936

a. Academy Award
b. International Biosphere Reserve
c. World Heritage Site

a. nice views for the visitors
b. insights for scientists
c. nice views for the visitors

a. Oahu
b. Kauai
c. Hawaii

a. Honolulu
b. Oahu
c . Kamehameha

a. Salsa
b. Hula
c. Cha-Cha

a. Mahalo
b. Aloha
c. Kulolo

a. new
b. newer
c. newest