Istanbul Quiz

Choose the best word or words to finish the sentences.

1. In Turkey, there is a historical inheritance of ______.

a) 10

b) 13

c) 15

2. The area of Turkey is ______ square kilometers.

a) 814,578

b) 900,456

c) 1,029,839

3. Turkey has been said, "Birthplace of the _______".

a) music

b) agriculture

c) civilization

4. The population of Turkey is _____ million 526 thousand people.

a) 62

b) 20

c) 54

5. ___ % of the population is Islamite in Turkey.

a) 1

b) 50

c) 99

6. Recently, Turkey became the main sightseeing spot in______.

a) Europe

b) Europe

c) The Middle East

7. The capital of Turkey is______.

a) Antalya

b) Istanbul

c) Ankara

8. The currency of Turkey is a ________.

a) Turkish dollar

b) Turkish lira

c) Turkish lira

9. The main domestic animal in Turkey is a ________.

a) sheep

b) cow

c) pig

10. Istanbul is a ________ heritage.

a) culture

b) compund

c) natural

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