Choose the correct answer.

1.Leonardo da Vinci made the first real studies of ( ) in the 1480's.

a) heredity

b) universe

c) flight

2. He began working on in 1495, and finished The Last Supper in ( ).

a) 1525.

b) 1510

c) 1498

3.Leonardo's personal favorite painting was ( ).

a) the Monna Lisa

b) The last supper

c) the gernica

4.Leonardo was born on April 15, 1452 in a tiny village near ( ). He was ambidextrous and quite intelligent.


b) Fiorence

c) Milano

5.The painting's luckiest escape came during ( ), when the refectory was hit by a bomb.

a) the Troy war

b) the world war‡T

c) the world war‡U

6. Leonardo da Vinci, who lived as a guest of the ( ) family.

a) Medici

b) Gauci

c) Sforza

7.Mechanics and ( ) were studied and revealed by his genius.

a) chemistry

b) genetics

c) engineering

8.( ) betrayed Jesus.

a) John

b) Judas

c) David

9.One of apostles betrayed his Lord for 30 pieces of silver, worth in our present day, currency of $( ).

a) 17

b) 128

c) 510

10.The refectory was used as a stable by ( ) troops.

a) English

b) French

c) Italian

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