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Description Quiz

  • 1. The shrine is dedicated to the spirits of Ieyasu and two other of Japan's most influential historical personalities, _________ and __________.

  • 2. The three monkeys hiding each respectively _______ ears, eyes and mouth, representing the Buddhist doctrine "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" , have become a symbol of Nikko.

  • 3. A famous Japanese saying proclaims Nikko wo minakereba "kekko" to iu na. Most tourist literature translates this as "Don't say 'magnificent' _______ Nikko", but there's another dimension to this Japanese pun: it can also mean "See Nikko and say 'enough'."

  • 4. There is a sculpture of sparrow on the backside of the Sleeping Cat. The sparrow will be eaten if the cat is awake. However, the sparrow and the cat co-exist. It means that nation wide chaos is over and peaceful society has come. (下線部を日本語訳しなさい)

  • 5. 見ざる・聞かざる・言わざるを英語で書きなさい

by Naohiro Yagi> World Heritages > The Shrines and Temples of Nikko

by Naohiro Yagi, Aoyama Gakuin College of Economics

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