Trivia Challenge:Test your knowledge!


@Don't be surprised by Italy's two-hour lunch break (generally _____ pm), when most businesses and shops close down.

a. 12-14

b. 11-13

c. 1330-1530

ADo dress appropriately and be respectful when visiting _____. The official dress code in all churches requires that your shoulders, knees and midriff must be covered. Women should cover their heads upon entering a church. While some small towns are not very strict, at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, you must pass three sets of inspectors to enter. Absolutely no exceptions are made.

a. palaces

b. churches

c . schools

BDon't _____ and do turn off all cell phones when visiting churches, art galleries and museums.

a .dance

b. play

c. eat

CDon't be _____by the excessive hotel taxes, additional charges and requests for payment for extras. Sometimes these taxes or service charges are included in room rates; check upon arrival.

a. surprised

b. unsettled

c. frustrated

DDo wear good-quality, stylish clothing: It's essential if you want to be perceived as competent and successful in ______ situations.

a. travel

b. date

c. business

EDo attempt to pronounce Italian words correctly. Just remember that the letter "c" followed by an "i" or "e" has the English "ch" sound, while a "ch" followed by an "i" or "e" has the English ______ sound. Thus, che citta! (what a town!) is pronounced KAY chee-TAH.

a. ”k”

b. ”r”

c. ”l”

FDo enjoy the many ______ dotting major (and even smaller) cities. They are quick, easy and inexpensive - a half-hour session generally runs about 2.50 euros. For a listing of Internet cafes in Italy, visit.'s+and+Don'ts(i Exploreから@〜Fは引用)

a. Internet cafes

b. golf courses

c. beaseball parks

GIt is certain that when the eruption of Vesuvius started on the ______ of 24 August, AD 79, it caught the local population utterly unprepared. history からGは引用)

a. morning

b. night

c . evning

HPompeii is located in _____ Italy in a region called Campania, near the Bay of Naples.からHは引用)

a. eastern

b. western

c. north

IMost people visit the Ufficio Scavi di Pompeii,Piazza Esedra, the best preserved 2,000-year-old ruins in Europe, on a day trip from ______.’SからIは引用。)

a. Roma

b. Napoles

c. Venice

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