Trivia Challenge:Test your knowledge!

a. Russia(Russia Federation)
b. China(the People's Republic of China)
c. India(the Republic of India)

a. 1928
b. 1949
c . 1951

a. Cow
b. Yak
c. horse

a. Gelug
b. Kagyu
c. Nyingma

a. tourism
b. foresty
c. subsistence agriculture

a. 2300m
b. 3700m
c. 4400m

a. Christianity
b. Islam
c. Bon

a. Indus River
b. Yangtze River
c. Ganges River

a. blue with red stars around a white mountain.
b. white with a large blue yak in the center.
c. a mountain with snow lions and red and blue rays over sun.

a. Mexico
b. Iran
c. Peru

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