Multiple Choice. Test your knowledge.

a. Aswan
b. Cairo
c. Giza

a. 33millions
b. 55millions
c . 77millions

a. 1.3 Km
b. 13 Km
c. 130 Km

a. King Menkaura's
b. King Khufu's
c. King Khafra's

a. 46m
b. 146m
c. 246m

a. marble
b. basalt
c. limestone

a. about 70 thousands
b. about 7 hundreds thousands
c. about 7 millions

a. about 2500 yeas ago
b. about 3500 yeas ago
c. about 4500 yeas ago

a. early days
b. middle
c. last years

a. The Egyptian government
b. Napoleon Bonaparto
c. thieves (in the 9c)

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