Trivia Challenge:Test your knowledge!

a. America
b. China
a. Walt Disney
b. Picasso
c . Hayao Miyazaki
a. c.A.D30
c. c.A.D60
a. Roman Aqueduct
b. Roman Amphitheater
c. Romanesque Church
a. in 1995 1975 1985
a. the princess of cathedral
b. the knight of cathedral
c. the lady of cathedral
a. Romanesque Cathedral
b. Roman Aqueduct
c.the church of San Martin
a. London
c. Madrid
a. the 18th and the 19th century.
b.the10th and 12th centuries
c..the 8th and 11th centuries
a. south of Madrid
b.east of Madrid
c.north of Madrid