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「日本人は自分の国のことを知らなさ過ぎる」と授業中に講演にいらっしゃったエストニアのに方に言われたことがありました。確かに僕も日本に世界遺産があったことすら知らなかったので、 この機会に最近、登録された知床半島を調べてみようと思ったのがきっかけです。 調べてみて感じたことは…英語の文献が少ないこと。 日本語で調べるのは簡単ですが、いざ英語でとなるととても難しかったです。 ただ、日本語の文献と英語の文献では同じものを説明していても、捉えかたのギャップがあっておもしろく感じました。時間がある人は英語と日本語の文献を見比べてみて下さい。

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Pre-reading Questions:
1. Where is Shiretoko?
2. What sea is Shiretoko facing?


Brief description:

Shiretoko has particular importance for a number of marine and terrestrial species. These include a number of endangered and endemic species, such as the Blackiston’s Fish owl and the plant species Viola kitamiana.
The site is globally important for a number of salmonid species and for a number of marine mammals, including the Steller’s sea Lion and a number of cetacean species.
The site has significance as a habitat for globally threatened sea birds and is a globally important area for migratory birds.

Reading Passage

Shiretoko Peninsula is located in the (A) of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan.
The site includes the land from the central part of the Peninsula to its tip (Shiretoko Cape) and the surrounding marine area.


  Shiretoko is the southernmost point in the northern hemisphere where(B) covers the ocean in the winter. Long time erosion of the coastline, as well as the volcanic activities, has formed the unique landscape of precipiced cliff.

Shiretoko provides an outstanding example of the interaction of marine and terrestrial ecosystems as well as extraordinary ecosystem productivity largely influenced by the formation of seasonal (B) at the lowest latitude in the northern hemisphere.


Shiretoko’s plants and animals comprise a (C)ecosystem, spanning ocean, coast, and mountain, and preserved in a primeval state representative of Hokkaido’s original flora and fauna.
In the oceans around Shiretoko, abundant (D) support food chains that include rich marine life such as fish and marine mammals.
These(D), vital to Shiretoko’s marine ecology, grow in ideal conditions under the(B) that fills the sea around Shiretoko each winter. Of regions that experience seasonal ice-floes, Shiretoko is located at the lowest latitude in the word.

Shiretoko was newly inscribed to the World Natural Heritage List at the World Heritage Committe's 29th session in Durban, South Africa held from Jul 10th to 17th ,(E).
Shiretoko becomes the Japan's (F)World Natural Heritage Site, (G) addition to the Shirakami-Sanchi beech forest and the island of Yakushima, both of which were listed in 1993.

例えば文章や正確な文法を自分で考えて作るのではなく、世界中のサイトにアクセスして よい文章を真似て学んでいくといった方法が英語の上達の近道だと実感しました。




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