Shiretoko Trivia Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The Shiretoko means ______________in the local Ainu language.

a)"the tears of a maiden "

b) "sacred place "

c) "end of the earth "

2. Hokkaido was called ______,and was mostly populated by the indigenous Ainu

a) Oki

b) Mutsu

c) Ezo

3. Most visitors to Shiretoko use the small towns of Rausu and Utoro. Rausu is known for its ______________ .

a) hot springs

b) ski ground

c) zoo

4. Getting there : Memanbetsu Airport is 1 hour 40 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport. A bus from the Memanbetsu Airport takes ___________ to Shiretoko.

a) 2 hours 15 minutes

b) 1 hours 10 minutes

c) 5 hours 45 minutes

5. Sea ice reached the Shiretoko peninsula in mid-January and surrounded it until late _______.

a) February

b) March

c) April

6. Shiretoko National Park is well known for its beautiful waterfalls, some of which flow directly into the sea of Okhotsk. One of the famous waterfalls is called ___________ .

a)"the tears of a maiden "

b) "sacred place "

c) "end of the earth "

7. Hokkaido's largest city is the capital, __________.

a) Hakodate

b) Sapporo

c) Asahikawa

8. Hokkaido is an extensive land, accounting for _____ of Japan's total area.

a) 11%

b) 22%

c) 33%

9. Hokkaido is known for its cool summers and icy winters. The average August temperature is around (X)____ C , while the average January temperature is around (Y)_____ C depending on elevation and latitude.

a) (X) 5 (Y) -21

b) (X) 15 (Y) -30

c) (X) 22 (Y) -12

10. ___________ is a Japanese film series starring Kiyoshi Atsumi as "Tora-san" , a kind-hearted vagabond who is always unlucky in love. One of this film series was shot on location in Shiretoko.

a) Shichinin no samurai

b) Otoko wa tsurai yo

c)Bushi no ichibun

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