Multiple Choice Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Tasmania is an island roughly the size of West Virginia, located 240 km off the _____ corner of mainland Australia.

a) south-west

b) north-east

c) south-east

2. Which animal does not living in TasmaniaH

a) Tasmania Devil

b) koala

c) mongoose

3.Tasmanian Aboriginals first reached Tasmania ______ years ago.

a) 20000

b) 40000

c) 60000

4. The population of Tasmania is 488,700._____ has of the same population in Japan.

a) ˎs

b) És

c) ‚Ύs

5. The state capital of _____.(the capital city with 203,600 people)

a) Sydney

b) Melbourne

c) Hobart

6. Tasmania has more than 2000 km of walking tracks and _____ national parks.

a) 12

b) 16

c) 18

7.Where is the capital of Australia?

a) Sydney

b) Hobart

c) Canberra

8.When did Australia become independent?

a) 1901

b) 1902

c) 1903

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Created by Ryota Komai