Teotihuacan Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. demise=end=______________の関係になる単語はどれか?.

a) enormaous

b) enlarge

c) extinguish

2. tremendousと同じ意味の単語の組み合わせはどれか?

a) gigantic, vast, huge

b) vast, slight, enormous

c) gigantic, extraordinary, huge


a) approximately, like, about

b) approximately, about, roughly

c) almost, roughly, some

4. Mexican currency is __________.


b) Riel

c) peso

5. Mexico is predominantly __________.

a) Roman Catholic

b) Protestant

c) Buddhists

6. Teotihuacan means __________.

a) birthplace of the Gods

b) The city of the sun

c) The city of the solders

7. Mexico is the __________largest country in Latin America.

a) 5

b) 1

c) 3

8. The Avenue of the Dead runs for more than __________km.

a) 1.5

b) 2.5

c) 2

9. The Sun Pyramid was located on the __________side of The Avenue of the Dead.

a) west

b) east

c) northwest

10. The Pyramid of the moon, facing west, lies at the northern end of this avenueのfacingと同じ意味の文章はどれか?

a) You have the prettiest face I’ve ever seen.

b) This flower turns to face the sun.

c) The country is facing sever food shortages.

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