Trivia Challenge:Test your knowledge!

a. Perth
b. Canberra
c. Sydeny

a. Kangaroo
b. Kiwi
c . Kookoburra

a. 8
b. 6
c. 50

a.Gum leaves
b. People
c. Grass

a. kangette
b. roo
c. joey

a. tennis ball
b. small human baby
c. peanut

a. the didgeridoo
b. the tomtom
c.the cello

a.closest to Adelaide.
b. not very far from Darwin.
c. almost exactly is center of Austoralia.

a. a cupboard.
b. an Australian cake.
c.a cup of tea.

a. during the holidays.
b. at lunch time
c. this afternoon

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