Chester Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. ________ built the town center of Chester.

a) The Saxons

b) The Normans

c) The Romans

2. The colors of the rows are ________ .

a) Brown and White

b) Blue and White

c) Black and White

3.The city nearest to Chester is ________ .

a) Liverpool

b) London

c) Birmingham

4.The famous football player from Chester is ________ .

a) Michael Owen

b) David Beckham

c) Wayne Rooney

5.The population of Chester is ________ .

a) 80'000

b) 120'000

c) 200'000

6.Chester was surrounded by the army of Cromwell at the Puritan revolution for ________ .

a) A year

b) Three years

c) Five years

7.By the investigation in the fiscal year in 2004, ________ was chosen as one of the cities easiest to live in Britain.

a) Chester

b) Manchester

c) Leeds

8.The dish most popular in Britain is ________ .

a) Fish and Chips

b) Sausage

c) Meat pie

9.The currency of Britain is ________ .

a) pound

b) euro

c) dollar

10.World Heritage sites are ________ in Britain

a) 18

b) 26

c) 32

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Created by Sumio Anzai