Harlem Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Harlen is located in ______________ of Manhattan Island.

a) Southern part

b) East end

c) Northern part

2. _____________ people named the area eHarlemf after the city in their country.

a) German

b) English

c) Dutch

3. In 1920fs, the big explosion of literature called ______________ happened in Harlem.

a) Harlem shock

b) Harlem Renaissance

c) Harlem Boom

4. In 1950fs, problems of housing and population were caused because of immigrants from Puerto Rico. The area is now called ______________.

a) Mini-Puerto Rico

b) Puerto Rican Harlem

c) Spanish Harlem

5. In 1960fs, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were fighting for ______________.

a) the right of black people

b) the right to use the public bus

c) the right of Harlem

6. During the great depression, Harlem became the area of ______________.

a) social ills

b) ‚„iscrimination protest campaign

c) refugee camp

7. Harlem is described as the ______________ now.

a) world famous place for opera

b) center of the black culture

c) ‚–aluable@area of Natural resources

8. The first owner of the Cotton Club, a famous jazz bar in Harlem was ______________.

a) a musician

b) a writer

c) a boxer

9. There is a ______________ company only for black (and colored) people in harlem.

a) Ballet

b) Wrestling

c) Banking

10. Former President ______________ has his office in Harlem.

a) Geoege Herberr Walker Bush

b) William Jefferson Clinton

c) Jimmy Carter

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