Inner Mongolia Quiz

Choose the best word or words to finish the sentences.

1. 1 Inner Mongolia covers ( ) China.

a) one tenth

b) a quater

c) one eighth

2. 2 What does Hohot mean in the Mongolian language?

a) a city in the grassland

b) blue city

c) green city

3. Which country does Inner Mongolia belong to?

a) China

b) Japan

c) America

4. How many people are there in Inner Mongolia?

a) 2.7 million

b) 3.5million

c) 6.5million

5. Which country is Inner Mongolia borderd by?

a) the Republic of Mongolia and Russia on the North

b) the Republic of Mongolia and Korea/FONT>

c) the Republic of Mongolia and Korea

6.Where is the capital of Inner Mongolia?


b) Hohhot


7. What was the biggest land empire in history?

a) Chinese

b) Mongolian

c) Indian

8. What country did Genghis Kahn want to conquer?

a) China

b) England

c) India/FONT>

9.What is Morinhore?

a) a stringed instrumet

b) a woodwind instrument

c) a percussion instrument

10.What does this word h wasurenagusah mean?

a) do not forget me

b) forget me

c) forgive me

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