The Lake District Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Who wrote the tale of Peter Rabbit in 1902 ?

a) Beatrix Potter

b) Harry Potter

c) Tony Potter

2. Which animal doesn't apper in the tale of Peter Rabbit?

a) A rabbit

b) An elephant

c) A pig

3. Who is one of the most important English romantic poet ?

a) David Beckham

b) Tony Blair

c) William Wordsworth

4. The Lake District has the highest mountain in England. How high is it ?

a) 900m

b) 1800m

c) 2700m

5. The Lake District is one of the least populated areas of England. Which city is the most populated ?

a) Liverpool

b) Manchester

c) London

6. Japan and the Lake District have a very similar traditional sport. What is it ?

a) sumo wrestling

b) Judo

c) Kendo

7. Which poetry did Wordsworth write ?

a) Hometown

b) The Rainbow

c) Red dragonfly

8. Where is the Lake District in England ?

a) Southwest

b) Northeast

c) Northwest

9. Which of these stories is NOT from Great Britain ?

a) The Three Little Pigs

b) Hansel&Gretel

c) Alice in Wonderland

10. What does the Lake District proud of ?

a) Mountains and lakes

b) Castles

c) Beachs and seas


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Created by Naoki Otake , College of Economic , Aoyama Gakuin Univercity