Argentine Republic Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Argentina borders Chile to the west and south. Where does the northeast face?

a) Brazil and Uruguay

b) Paraguay and Bolivia

c) the Pacific Ocean

2. The name of Argentina is derived from the Latin ________.

a) gold

b) silver

c) copper

3.The hottest and coldest temperature extremes recorded in South America have occurred in Argentina. The highest temperature recorded was 49.1 centigrade and the lowest temperature recorded was ______________ centigrade.

a) -39

b) -41

c) -43

4.Argentina is the ______________ largest country in the world, and is nearly 7 times bigger than Japan.

a) fifth

b) eighth

c) tenth

5.The official language of Argentina is Spanish, usually called castellano (Castilian) by Argentine. It is strongly affected by ______________ languages.

a) Portuguese

b) English

c) Italian

6.The population of Argentina is ______________ , and the 31st place in the world. (In 2007)

a) 39.5 millions

b) 13 millions

c) 2 millions

7.Where is the capital of Argentina?

a) Cairo

b) Tirano

c) Buenos Aires

8. ______________ is a religion believed in most in Argentina.

a) Catholicism

b) Ptotestantism

c) Islam

9.Which is the currency of Argentina?

a) Dollar

b) Peso

c) Krone

10.Which is the longest river (4,500km) domestically in Argentina?

a) Colorado River

b) Paraguay River

c) Parana River


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