Australia Geography Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. ______ is the most populous city, but not capital of Australia.

a)New York



2. Australia borders two oceans, the _____ and the _____.

a) Atlantic, Indian

b) Indian, Pacific

c) Japan, Pacific

3. Australias's population is 19,546,792. It is the world's _____ largest city.( same as Brazil. )

a) fifth

b) twelfth

c) third

4. ______ is the capital of Australia

a) Sydeny

b) Perth


5. Australia's national flag describes ________ and number of state.

a) Southern Cross

b) Orion

c)Big Dipper

6.More than ______of Australia is called outback.

a) 54

b) 13

c) 75

7. Australia has ____ states.

a) 6

b) 25

c) 10

8. In Australia, Christmas is celebrated in ______.

a) Summer

b) Winter

c) Autumn

9. The Australian amusement park, Dream World(the park has many rides and wildlife and show) is located in ______.

a) Los Angels

b) Queensland

c) California

10.______ is the Australian film .

a) Tomb rader 2

b) Zatouichi

c) Mad max


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Created by Ryo Shiihara Department of Economics, Aoyama Gakuin University

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