Kingdom of Belgium Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The capital of Belgium is ________.

a) Brussels

b) Zurich

c) Matra

2. The three countries Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium, a colled _______.

a) Benelux

b) Baltic states

c) The United States

3. It became independent of the __________ in 19 century.

a) Netherlands

b) France

c) Ultima

4. The religion believed most in Belgium is ________________.

a) Roman Catholicism

b) Islam

c) Hinduism

5. The national game of Belgium is a ______________.

a) Bicycle racing

b) Motor racing

c) Spoon sports

6. The most famous bicycle manufacturer in Belgium is ______.




7. The headquarters of EU is in ________.

a) Brussels

b) Oslo

c) Proton

8. The official language of Blegium is _____.

a) Dutch

b) English

c) Japanese

9. The currency of Belgium is ____.

a) Euro

b) Pound

c) Brabus

10. Most races are _______ in Belgium.

a) Flemish

b) Walloon

c) Deutsche


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Yamamoto Yoshikazu
Yuji Kenta

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