Bhutan Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The _________ is written in the national flag of Bhutan.

a) chicken

b) dragon

c) pig

2. The area of Bhutan is the same as __________.

a) shikoku

b) kyudhu

c) ibaraki

3.Bhutan is adjacent to the __________.

a) china & nepal

b) china & bangladesh

c) china & india

4.The population of Bhutan is __________ people.

a) 650,000

b) 680,000

c) 720,000

5.It is __________ that is used in Bhutan.

a) zonga

b) english

c) nepalese

6.What is the special product of Bhutan?

a) wheat

b) corn

c) sugar cane

7.There are two religions in Bhutan. What is it Hinduism and?

a) tubet

b) islam

c) hinduism

8.A Japanese ________engineer named `Keizi Nishioka` was sent by Japan in 1964.

a) agriculture

b) medical treatment

c) construction

9.How many universities are there in Bhutan?

a) one university

b) ten universities

c) 24 universities

10.When it ________, Capital Thimphu City becomes a rest.

a) first flowering of cherry blossoms

b) first typhoon

c) first snow of the season

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