Brazil Republic quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1.Brazil's capital is _____.

a) Brazilia

b) Sao Paulo

c) Rio de Janeiro

2.Brazil is _____ largest country (8,511,965 square km) by geographical area.

a) the fourth

b) the fifth

c) the sixth

3.Brazil's currency is _____.




4._____ is the official language of Brazil.

a) English

b) Portuguese

c) Spanish

5._____ is the most popular sport in Brazil.

a) Football

b) Baseball

c) Basketball

6.The famous Carnival is held in _____ every year.

a) August

b) February

c) May

7.There are _____ world heritages in Brazil as of 2008.

a) 7

b) 17

c) 27

8.On August 29,1825 Brazil became independent from _____.

a) The United States

b) Russia

c) Portugal

9.The _____ river is the largest (7,050,000 square km) in the world.

a) Nile

b) Amazon

c) Mississippi

10.Brazil has the second largest number of _____ (2,498) in the world.

a) airports

b) stadiums

c) zoos

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