CMH Heli-Hiking Trivia                          

Choose the correct answer.

1.In _____, after gaining a few years of valuable guiding and backcountry experience, he formed a small company called Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH).

a) 1957

b) 1953

c) 1951

2. ______ we host 7000 Heli-Skiers and approximately 4500 Heli-Hikers from all over the world.

a) Daily

b) Annually

c) Monthlly

3. CMH is one of the ____ adventure travel companies in North America and the largest Heli-Skiing operator in the world.

a) newest

b) smallest

c) oldest

4.CMH employs approximately ____ employees at peak season.

a) 500

b) 450

c) 550

5.Most of us didn't know there was so much beautiful _________ left on the continent.

a) river

b) wilderness

c) forest

6.We pick you up early in the morning from your hotel in _____ and drive west.

a) Montreal

b) Vancouver

c) Banff

7.You can experience such wildness and solitude without lugging a __-pound backpack.

a) 40

b) 50

c) 10

8.We designed our lodges to blend harmoniously with their ___________.

a) mood

b) view

c) environment

9.______ is more than a number-one priority at CMH.

a) Safety

b) Profit

c) Property

10.CMH staffs are passionate about the mountains and providing our guests with _________ mountain experiences.

a) exceptional

b) uninteresting

c) common

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