China Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1._________is the capital city of China.

a) Shanghai

b) Hong Kong

c) Beijing

2.The population of China is about ______. China alone has 20% of the world's population.

a) 1.6 billion

b) 1.2 billion

c) 2.0 billion

3. China is the ______largest country in the world.

a) Second

b) Third

c) Fourth

4. _________is the longest river in China.

a) Han River

b) Yellow River

c) Yangtze River

5. _________ founded the People's Republic of China in 1949.

a) Mao Ze Dong

b) Sun Yat-Sen

c) Chiang Kai shek

6. The government China has is________ .

a) Monarchy

b) Democracy

c) Communist

7. _________ was British Colony was recently reabsorbed by China.

a) Hong Kong

b) Shanghai

c) Taiwan

8. The Great Wall of China was made of dirt, stone, and brick. It was _______ .

a) 2,150 miles

b) 756 miles

c) 3,456 miles

9. The official language spoken in China is _______.

a) English

b) Mandarin Chinese

c) Cantonese Chinese

10. Most people live in the@_______of China.

a) North

b) West

c) East


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Created by Miki Tsutsumi, Aoyama Gakuin University

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