Czech Quiz

Czech Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1.Czech Republic divided from Czechoslovakia into Czech Republic and Slovakia in QQQ.

a) 1983.

b) 1993.

c) 2003.

2.Czech Republic belonged to the European Union on May 1, QQQ.

a) 1996

b) 2000

c) 2004

3.The capital of Czech Republic is QQQ.

a) Harapu

b) Rapha

c) Prague

4.Czech Republic has been divided into the capital and Q____ prefectures.

a) 8.

b) 13.

c) 17.

5.Czech accounts for QQQ among the people who live in Czech.

a) 85.4%.

b) 90.4%.

c) 95.4%.

6._________ has not approved Czech Republic@as a nation and Czech Republic doesn't approve __________ either.

a) Liechtenstein.

b) France.

c) Sri Lank.

7.Czech Republic's consumption of the QQQ is the biggest in the world.

a) wine.

b) whisky.

c) beer.

8._______ is the most popular sports in Czech Republic, and is called a national sports.

a) baseball.

b) ice hockey.

c) cricket.

9.The country of Czech Republic has the shape of the ______.

a) quadrangle.

b) pentagon.

c) hexagon.

10.The country of Czech Republic is enclosed by Germany, Slovakia, _______, and _______.

a) Poland Austria.

b) Finland Australia.

c) Finland Austria.


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