Denmark Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The Denmark`s formal name is ______________.

a) Denmark

b) Kingdom of Denmark

c) Denmarket

2 The area and population is ______________and ______________

a) 50000 square kilometers , 5440000peoples

b) 40000 square kilometers , 5460000peoples

c) 30000 square kilometers , 5430000peoples

3. Denmark is composed Jutland peninsula and ______________ islands.

a) 443

b) 543

c) 643

4. The mother tongue in Denmark is ______________.

a) Danish

b) English

c) Japanese

5. The main religion in Denmark is ______________.

a) evangelical

b) Christianity

c) Buddhism

6. The country occupied Denmark during The Second World War is ______________.

a) Nazi Germany

b) U.S.A

c) U.K

7. The main industry in Denmark is ______________.

a) agriculture

b) industry

c) the tourist industry

8. The holiday after 49days since Easter is ______________.

a) Pentecoste

b) pantacosta

c) pannacotta

9. The famous ceramic in Denmark is ______________.

a) Royal Copenhagen

b) Royal copehage

c) copenhage

10. The famous toy invented in Denmark is ______________.





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Jun Honma Kouhei Hasegawa