Dominica Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The Dominican capital is______________.

a) Santo Tomingo

b) Santo Domingo

c) Santo Dominica

2. Dominica is ______ country in the world, and is nearly 1.4 times bigger than Kyushu.

a) 72

b) 50

c) 27

3.World Heritage is a ______________ colony.

a) Santo Domingo

b) Haiti

c) Dominica

4. Dominica became independent of ______________ in 1844.

a) Haiti

b) Spain

c) Paris

5. The official language of Dominica is ______________ .

a) Portuguese

b) Spanish

c) English

6. As for the Dominican religion, 64% the nation believe ______________ .

a) Roman Catholicism

b) Christianity

c) Buddhism

7. ______ % of Dominican are Mulattoes.

a) 11

b) 73

c) 16

8. The president in Dominica is ________________ .

a) Leo flannel Fernandez

b) Washington

c) Bush

9. ________________ is drawn on the national flag of Dominica.

a) The leaf of bamboo brass

b) The leaf of a eucalyptus

c) The leaf of a coconut

10. Felix Sanchez is a __________ medalist of 400-meter race performed at Athens Olympic in 2004.

a) gold

b) silver

c) copper


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