Egypt Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1.Egypt is a country in North Africa. The capital is _____ which is famous as the city near Giza.

a) Rabat

b) Tunis

c) Cairo

2. When the time is 5 ofclock p.m. in Japan, it is 10 ofclock a.m. in Egypt. So, the time difference between Egypt and Japan is _____ hours.

a) 5

b) 7

c) 15

3.The city, Giza , is famous for _____.@It is grave of ancient kings and queens. Strangely, each flanks look to quarters.

a) temple

b) shrine

c) Pyramid

4._____ is famous river of Egypt. The regularity and richness of the river flood, coupled with semi-isolation provided by deserts to the east and west, allowed for the development of one of the worldfs great civilizations.

a) The Nile River

b) The Amazon River

c) The Mississippi River

5.Egyptfs main religion is _____.@Egypt has long history of the religion. For example, the Exodus is one of the important affairs

a) Christianity

b) Hinduism

c) Islam

6.There is a lot of crime in Egypt. Actually, the statistics of convicted is _____ the world.

a) 10th in

b) 124th in

c) top of

7.By the way, the statistics of acquitted is _____ in the world. That is to say, the crime rate of Egypt is very high. But, many suspects have been allowed to be free.

a) 4th

b) 14th

c) 24th

8.Egyptian uses a lot of natural gas. The quantity is about 646 billion cubic feet per year. It is ranked in _____in the world.

a) 17th

b) 8th

c) 3rd

9.We understand that Egyptians whose age 15 and over can read and write. But, in fact, the literacy level is very low. Especially, the femalefs literacy is _____ in the world.

a) 150th

b) 86th

c) 34th

10.First female parliamentarian was elected in 1957. It is ranked in _____ in the world. The reason is the custom of their religion. In the religion, womenfs rights are not accepted widely.

a) 46th

b) 67th

c) 98th

Created by Sayaka Mizogiwa, Aoyamagakuin College of Economics


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