State of Eritrea Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1.The capital of Eritrea is _______.

a) Aspara

b) Asmara

c) Atemara

2._______ is the language used mainly in Eritrea.

a) English

b) Italian

c) Portuguese

3.The area of Eritrea is almost the same as _______.(about 121,000 square kilometers)

a) North Korea

b) Korea

c) Japan

4.The population of Eritrea is almost the same as _______.(about 4,447,000 people)

a) Norway

b) Japan

c) Finland

5.Which continent is Eritrea in?

a) African continent

b) Eurasian continent

c) North American continent

6.The official name of Eritrea is _______.

a) Hugegre@Eritrea

b) Hungry@Eritrea

c) State of Eritrea

7.Eritrea was conquered by _______ in 1882.

a) Italy

b) Britain

c) France

8.Eritrea became independent in _______.

a) 1993

b) 1900

c) 2003

9.The main religion of Eritrea is ________.

a) Hinduism

b) Islam

c) Christianity

10.The local currency of Eritrea is _______.

a) Nakfa

b) Dollar

c) Forint

Eritrea - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Wikipedia - Eritrea

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