Fiji Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Fiji is an island located on the southeast edge of the Melanesia in _______.

a) the Indian Ocean

b) the Atlantic

c) the Pacific

2. Fiji became the _______ colony in 1874 and became independent in 1970.

a) British

b) French

c) Australian

3. Fiji is an island consisting of a volcanic island and the coral reefs of more than _______.

a) 100

b) 200

c) 300

4. The Fijian economy makes ends meet with _______.

a) fishery, forestry and sightseeing

b) fishery, agriculture and sightseeing

c) agriculture, clothing industry and sightseeing

5. As for the Fijian religion, people believing in _______ is 56%, Hinduism is 38%, Islam is 8% and others are 2%.

a) Christianity

b) Buddhism

c) Judaism

6. The Fijian official language is _______.

a) Fijian

b) English

c) Hindi

7. The Fiji Day in October is _______.

a) Independence Day

b) Harvest festival

c) Constitution Memorial Day

8. The Fijian capital is _______.

a) Labasa

b) Levuka

c) Suva

9. Because Fiji is in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas is held in _______.

a) summer

b) autumn

c) winter

10. The Fijian area is about _______ times of Japan.

a) 2

b) 1/2

c) 1/20


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Created by Ayaka Bunno and Kyoko Morozumi, Nihon University

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