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Finland Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1.______________ are main languages spoken in Finland.

a) Finnish and Swedish

b) Finnish and Danish

c)Finnish and English

2. ______________ lies between Finland and Norway.

a) Poland

b) Denmark

c) Sweden

3.The capital of Finland is ______________.

a) Helsinki

b) London

c) Copenhagen

4. The main religion in Finland is______________.

a) Chirstianity

b) Judaism

c) Buddhism

5.The unemployment rate of Finland is (about 7%) the same as _____________.

a) Poland

b) German

c) Iceland

6. The land area of Finland is the same as______________.

a) France

b) New Zealand

c) Malaysia

7. The most popular character in books and comic strips in Finland is______________.

a) Hello kitty

b) Moomin

c) Mickey Mouse

8. The population in Finland is the same as ______________.

a) Denmark

b) Singapore

c) Greece

9.The colors of national flag of Finland are white and ______________.

a) blue

b) orange

c) red

10.Finland is famous as gthe country of ______________h.

a) soccer

b) wine

c) Santa Claus

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