Germany Trivia 1

Choose the correct answer.

1. Germany is situated in the QQQQQ of Europe and member of the European Union.

a) west end

b) heart

c) north end

2. Germany shares its borders with QQQQQ neighboring countries.

a) nine

b) two

c) five

3.With the advent of the Cold War, two German states were formed in QQQQQ.

a) 1918

b) 1949

c) 1978

4. The decline of the QQQQQ and the end of the Cold War allowed for German unification in 1990.

a) Ottoman Empire


c) Yugoslavia

5. Germany has a population of approximately QQQQQ million and is one of the most densely populated countries in all of Europe.

a) 82.1

b) 10.5

c) 1.5

6.Germany is the world's third largest producer of QQQQQ(after the United States and Japan).

a) trains

b) automobiles

c) bicycle

7. The German national soccer team has won the World Cup QQQQQ times and holds the No. 2 ranking worldwide.

a) one

b) six

c) three

8. Germany is one of the world's QQQQQ.

a) largest energy consumers

b) smallest energy producers

c) smallest energy consumers

9.The single leading cause of death in Germany is heart and circulatory disease and it accounts for about QQQQQ of all deaths annually.

a) a quarter

b) half

c) three fourthe

10.The Federal Republic of Germany is one of the major industrial countries and with regard to world trade it holds QQQQQ place.

a) second

b) fifth

c) tenth

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