Germany Trivia 2

Choose the correct answer.

1. How large is the area of Germany?

a) about the same size as Finland

b) smaller than Italy

c) larger than Spain

2. What is the percentage of Christian: Roman Catholics and Protestants in Germany today?

a) more Catholics are

b) more Protestants are

c) about the same

3.Which season is not in Germany?

a) the rainy season

b) Summer

c) Autumn

4. What is the capital of Germany?

a) Berlin

b) Hamburg

c) Frankfurt

5. Today, how many Internet users does Germany have?

a) 52 million, more than China

b) 62 million, more than Japan

c) 32 million, more than South Korea

6. In Salt Lake City Olympic 2002, how many medals did Germany win?

a) 10 (14th of 25 countries)

b) 1 (the bottom of 25 countries)

c) 75 (the top of 25 countries)

7. Today, German forests die of a certain phenomenon, and that is mainly caused by much sulfur dioxide (Nisanka iou) from burning coal. What is the phenomenon?

a) Acid Rain

b) storm

c) an absence of rain

8. What are the percentages of adult male and female smokers in Germany?

a) male: 39%, female: 31%

b) male: 31%, female: 39%

c) male: 35%, female: 35%

9. What amount of electricity did Germany consume a year (2000)? (trillion kWh)

a) 5000, more than United States

b) 500, more than United Kingdom

c) 50, more than China

10. What is the labor force - by percentage: industry, agriculture and services in Germany?

a) industry: 3%, agriculture: 64%, services: 33%

b) industry: 33%, agriculture: 3%, services: 64%

c) industry: 64%, agriculture: 33%, services: 3%

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Created by Kyoko Matsuda, Department of Economics, Aoyamagakuin University

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