Germany Trivia 3

Choose the correct answer.

1._______ was the "leader" of the Germans during the Second World War.

a) Adolf Hitler

b) Albert Einstein

c) Mussolini

2.Germany possesses the world's third most technologically powerful economy after the _______ and _______.

a) United States, China

b) United States, Japan

c) Japan, China

3.Germany uses the common European currency, the _______, and its monetary policy is set by the European Central Bank.

a) Mark

b) Euro

c) Dollar

4. _______ is Germany's second-largest trading partner.

a) Italy

b) France

c) United States

5.The HSV is the only _______ club never to get relegated from the Bundesliga.

a) football

b) baseball

c) volleyball

6. German is the only official language in Germany, _______ and _______.

a) Finland, Norway

b) Liechtenstein, Austria

c) Sweden, Romania

7. _______ is the system of government in Germany.

a) Democracy

b) Absolutism

c) Monarchy

8. The German flag is a horizontal tricolor, with _______, _______, and _______ stripes.

a) green, black, yellow

b) red, white, blue

c) black, red, yellow

9. Germany was the birthplace of composers such as _______, _______.

a) Beethoven, Bizet

b) Bizet, Bach

c) Beethoven, Bach

10. Before World War II, about two-thirds of the German population was ____(a)____ and one-third was ____(b)____.

a) (a)Roman Catholic, (b)Islam

b) (a)Protestant, (b)Roman Catholic

c) (a)Protestant, (b)Islam


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